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(Indigo 204 A&B - Retro Room)

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In the nearly two decades he has spent behind the turntables, DJ Bakspin has become a brand that has grown to be synonymous with the art of party rocking, and has become a name fixated as a key player in the industry.


Following in the footsteps of the same veteran San Diego DJs whom which originally inspired him to DJ, Bakspin also inspired and raised the bar for the new and upcoming generation of DJs, rocked large audiences at a list of venues that reads as the premier concert and nightlife destinations his city, as well as has held every major time slot on Terrestrial San Diego Radio from his beginning on "Blazin 98.9" to his historic run on "Z90.3".


Today Dj Bakspin is still known for his clever, super clean, intelligent approach to rockin the party, demanding total crowd participation, and his ability to selectively, and creatively, incorporate a wide variety of music genres with a hip-hop style. Be on the lookout as Bakspin continues to bless the turntables in Southern California venues and makes his way to a city or near you!

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