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CoEd is a Southern California based DJ and production duo. Diaa, an electronic music producer of ten plus years, and Lanna, a classically trained pianist at just age 8, took their individual DJ careers to the next level by joining forces and launching CoEd in 2017. The two haven’t looked back since. 

CoEd is currently busy in the studio working on their first record. Their production can be classified as house music, influenced by other genres from electronic to jazz music. Well known for there melodies, vocals and dirty bass, CoEd creates a sound that is uniquely their own. Their podcast, Recess, demonstrates CoEd’s versatility and ear for the best music. 

CoEd is one of the most promising dance duos of 2017 and soon to be one of the biggest acts in the business. Be on the look out for CoEd to dominate a dance floor near you.

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